16 May 2018
May 16, 2018

UV Sterilizing lights

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Ultra Violet Rays are actually a type of electromagnetic wave, generated by an electron leaping from a high energy orbit to a lower energy one.The greater the energy of the electromagnetic wave is,the higher its frequency and the shorter its wavelength.The wavelength of rays visible to wave of 780nm appears to be orange or red.Ultra-violet rays are electromagnetic waves shorter than 400nm.so named since they fall out of eyes.which are categorized into UV-A.UV-B.UV-C and V-UV.Today let us talk about UV-C mainly.
UV-C,whose wavelength is between 240nm and 270 nm,directly damages the DNA and RNA of cells and viruses,causing immediate death to the microorganism.
It is not necessary to convert the rays into visible light.wavelength 253.7nm functions excellently in sterilization,which results from the pattern of ray absorption of cells.that is,great absorption to UV 250-270nm,The UV absorbed literally acts on the DNA,causing a photochemical reaction.The energy in the UV rays is absorbed by the base pairs in DNA,triggering a mutation in the DNA,which cause immediate death of the bacterium or their reproduction failure.

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