The TL-X XL lamp(tube diameter 38mm) refers to explosion-proof tube light, also known as single-pin explosion-proof tube, Mono-pin explosion-proof tube, sans start fluorescent lamp, sans lamp, belonging to the low pressure mercury lamp. It is manufactured with special fluorescent powder and there is a graphite line inside the lamp to prevent electric spark when the tube starts and electromagnetic wave when working. This lamp is used in flameproof and increased-safety luminaires for both indoor and outdoor applications, such as the (petro-)chemical industry, offshore, mines and any location where traces of explosive gases may be found.
In combination with a special lampholder all possible sparking effects during ignition are eliminated
Extended lifetime compared with standard TL lamps
Provided with internal ignition strip for EM starterless operation or HF Nor-preheat operation
Special FA6 lamp cap has a long and thick pin, requiring a special lamp holder.
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