03 Sep 2018
September 3, 2018

Mosquito Killer light

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Mosquito killer light is an equipment which doesn’t need any chemical armamentarium. It just depends on the below features of the mosquito: the phototoxis, sensitive of temperature by the airflow, hobby of aggregation, especially the habits of seeking carbon dioxide and sex pheromones. According to these, it comes into being an environmental, non-pollution, and high efficiency black light mosquito-killing tool.


Priciple: Photocatalytic mosquito is the only mosquito-killing tool to use composite technology with light, smell and wind, which is the most advanced and ecofriendly product in the world currently. After researching of international mosquito experts for many years, it shows that the mosquito finds people according to the breath of carbon dioxide they give out. When feeling the airflow of carbon dioxide, they will fly to this at once. What’s more, they also have phototoxis, and what can attract them is UV light. Photocatalytic mosquito tool utilizes the uv light (360 to 380 nm, which is not harmful to body), which mosquito likes most, to attract mosquitos. Also, it is 360 angles beaming, with slight temp effect, insects in any directions can be attracted. Through the light photocatalytic reaction, what is produced when the UV mosquito lamp touches photocatalyst, it releases carbon dioxide and airflow, imitating what people gives out, to draw in the mosquito flying. And then, it will be suck in the bottom of the catcher, and dies till air drying.



  1. Attractinsect in any directions, High killing rate, Wide range
  2. High efficiency mosquito killing, no pollution, standard ecofriendly
  3. The pheromones that the sucked mosquitos release can make the similar gather together, continuouslykilling, and thoroughly
  4. Natural death makes no smell give out.
  5. Automatically shut down when power cut.

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