03 Sep 2018
September 3, 2018

Mosquito Killer light

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Mosquito killer light is an equipment which doesn’t need any chemical armamentarium. It just depends on the below features of the mosquito: the phototoxis, sensitive of temperature by the airflow, hobby of aggregation, especially the habits of seeking carbon dioxide and sex pheromones. According to these, it comes into being an environmental, non-pollution, and high efficiency black light mosquito-killing.. read more →

Introduction UV is the abbreviation of Ultraviolet, Which is an ultraviolet light, so the ultraviolet tube called UV tube. Ultraviolet rays(UV)is no visible light,Is a electromagnetic radiation outside the visible purple light,wavelength is between 10~400nm.usually for different character, can be departed into the following: a(Vacuum UV), wavelength 10–200nm b(UV-C),wavelength  200–280nm c(UV-B),wavelength 290–320nm d(UV-A),wavelength 320–400nm e(Visible light),wavelength 400–760nm The international general use is the long.. read more →

Comfortable, healthy living environment is not only reflected in the decoration, but also in the test of visual light layout. The role of light is not limited to lighting; it is also relieve fatigue, making the atmosphere, foil atmosphere of the master Appropriate LED light arrange will bring family warm and safe,meanwhile will not Cause burden to our.. read more →

       Zhejiang Anan Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, formerly known as the civilized East Tube Factory, is a company of straight fluorescent tube which set research, development, production and sales as one. A professional lighting factory has 16 years’ experience in China. Company has a large advantage in the color selected tube. Including LED fluorescent lamp series and.. read more →

TL-X XL The TL-X XL lamp(tube diameter 38mm) refers to explosion-proof tube light, also known as single-pin explosion-proof tube, Mono-pin explosion-proof tube, sans start fluorescent lamp, sans lamp, belonging to the low pressure mercury lamp. It is manufactured with special fluorescent powder and there is a graphite line inside the lamp to prevent electric spark.. read more →