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  • What are the differences between LED fluorescent lamps and ordinary fluorescent lamps?

    What are the differences and advantages of  LED tubes and fluorescent lamps  ? 1. Power consumption The power consumption of LED fluorescent lamps is less than one-third of that of ordinary fluorescent lamps. 2. Adjustable voltage Ordinary fluorescent lamps are lit by the high voltage released by...
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  • Raising reptiles has to understand these reptile lights

    Raising reptiles has to understand these reptile lights

    Why are all kinds of reptile lights important? The growth of reptiles requires appropriate temperature, humidity and photoperiod. In the wild, these are provided by nature. If you artificially raise reptiles, you should imitate nature and artificially create these conditions for reptiles. Unless ...
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  • How to determine whether the sterilization performance of ultraviolet sterilization lamp meets the standard?

    As a mutagen, ultraviolet can cause abnormal chemical bonds between adjacent pyrimidine molecules of DNA or RNA in microbial cells such as bacteria and viruses, hinder the replication of DNA or RNA, and cause microbial cell death under a specific wavelength range (mainly uvc200 – 280 nm) and high...
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  • What is PAR, PPF and PPFD of plant growth lamps?

    If you are not a professional optical engineer or plant expert, when you first come into contact with plant lighting, you are likely to be confused by various professional terms.Let’s take a look at these technical terms today. PAR: photosynthetic active radiation PAR is the acronym of phot...
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  • Why can’t the safety of LED lamp be ignored?

    LED lamp, since its birth, is to replace and surpass the traditional fluorescent lamp. The technological progress and product development of LED lamps follow two main tracks: one is that they are not distorted and try to be consistent with fluorescent lamps in wiring mode, external dimension an...
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  • Do you know all the ten advantages of LED lights?

    1: environmental protection type tube tube Traditional fluorescent tubes contain a lot of mercury vapor, if broken, mercury vapor will volatilize into the atmosphere. However, LED tubes do not use mercury at all, and LED products do not contain lead, which has a protective effect on the environme...
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  • Brief introduction of plant growth lights – light intensity and measurement

    When indoor plants are planted indoors, the light intensity of plant growth lamps is a key factor that may affect the growth stages of plants.However, under the growth lamps with various light source parameters, what is the best light intensity that plants need to use at each stage of growth? Or,...
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  • Do you know the difference between T5 and T8?

    Do you know the difference between T5 and T8?

    With more and more types of LED tubes and lanterns, everyone’s mind is a little confused, it is not clear.Today, let’s take LED tube as an example.Many people don’t know the difference between ledt5 and T8. Now, let’s get to know it! Ledt5 and ledt8 are different in size....
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  • Mosquito lamp knowledge

    Mosquito lamp knowledge

    Mosquito killing lamp is a familiar and unfamiliar electrical appliance. Maybe we all know that mosquito killing lamp can kill indoor and outdoor mosquitoes. However, the specific principle of mosquito trapping and killing and the safety of mosquito killing lamp are not well understood. Understan...
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  • How to use ultraviolet germicidal lamp correctly?

    In fact, the effect of ultraviolet disinfection is affected by many factors, such as irradiation time, irradiation distance, temperature and humidity of irradiation environment, lamp cleanliness, etc. if you do not pay attention to the use method and details, the effect of disinfection may be gre...
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  • Everyone is using LED lights,What are its advantages?

    What is led? The full name of LED — light emitting diode .Light emitting diode is a kind of semiconductor which can convert electric energy into light energy. Everyday well-known metals such as copper and iron are conductors, while wood and rubber are insulators. The material between conduc...
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  • Why are led lights Darker and darker?

    Everyone has such a life experience The LED light just bought is always very bright, But after a period of time, many lights will get darker and darker, Why does LED lamp have such a process? Let’s take you to the bottom today! Find out why your LED lights are getting dimmer We have to und...
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