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  • How to determine whether the sterilization performance of ultraviolet sterilization lamp meets the standard?

    As a mutagen, ultraviolet can cause abnormal chemical bonds between adjacent pyrimidine molecules of DNA or RNA in microbial cells such as bacteria and viruses, hinder the replication of DNA or RNA, and cause microbial cell death under a specific wavelength range (mainly uvc200 – 280 nm) and high...
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  • What is PAR, PPF and PPFD of plant growth lamps?

    If you are not a professional optical engineer or plant expert, when you first come into contact with plant lighting, you are likely to be confused by various professional terms.Let’s take a look at these technical terms today. PAR: photosynthetic active radiation PAR is the acronym of phot...
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  • Why can’t the safety of LED lamp be ignored?

    LED lamp, since its birth, is to replace and surpass the traditional fluorescent lamp. The technological progress and product development of LED lamps follow two main tracks: one is that they are not distorted and try to be consistent with fluorescent lamps in wiring mode, external dimension an...
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  • Why are led lights Darker and darker?

    Everyone has such a life experience The LED light just bought is always very bright, But after a period of time, many lights will get darker and darker, Why does LED lamp have such a process? Let’s take you to the bottom today! Find out why your LED lights are getting dimmer We have to und...
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  • Layout of Smart Lighting, Sustainable Innovation

    Layout of Smart Lighting, Sustainable Innovation

    Frankfurt Lighting Fair is undoubtedly the one of the best stages for lighting companies. Anan lighting shows the charm of Chinese brand to all over the world thought this most influential platform. From the strong attack on traditional lighting, to the rapid innovation of LED lighting, until now...
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  • Demand and policy support, plant lighting prospects can be expected

    Demand and policy support, plant lighting prospects can be expected

    Driven by the shortage of food and drug supply caused by the global epidemic, whether it is the North American market for medical plant cultivation, or the European market for indoor plant factory cultivation such as vegetables, melons and fruits, as well as the increase...
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